Claire’s Voice

In this clip, Claire is using the Tobii talker to tell her speech therapist, Ms. Glenna, about her recent vacation. At times, it’s hard to hear… but – here’s what Claire’s trying to say.

1) During her vacation, she used this talker to ‘talk/play’ with her friend, Gavin (who is also 2 years old) — Gavin is “Mr. Matt’s son” and “Grace” is his sister (she will tell you that).  She looks closely to the pictures before touching them… you will see this too.

2) She then told Ms. Glenna she was playing “toys” with Gavin (which was true), but then she pressed “puzzle” (on accident, because many times, her hand movements aren’t controlled) — Glenna thought she was trying to say she played a puzzle with Gavin (but she didn’t).

3) Claire then pressed “oops” and tried to tell her something else.

4) Claire was then trying to tell Ms. Glenna that during her vacation, a ‘special thing’ happened. Claire first pointed to a ‘prize’ picture. Then a ‘party’ picture. Ms. Glenna thought Claire was still talking about her party with Gavin. Claire touches the ‘oops’ button because that’s not what she’s trying to say (as this is happening, I understand what she’s trying to say – You will hear me say this…).

5) Claire goes back a page and hits the ‘prize’ or present…. followed by a cake…. followed by birthday. It was a special event – with presents – birthday. She was trying to tell Ms. Glenna that during our 4th of July vacation, we celebrated my (Mom’s) birthday. She then proceeded (not in this video) to explain how she went on a boat ride, etc.

Crazy… this little girl is so patient with getting us to understand her. She continues to teach us so much!

– Colleen

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